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Spiritual & Religious Life

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NEW! Meditation now offered on Fridays @ 6:00 p.m., Garden Level, Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center. All are welcome!

The aim of our interfaith ministry is to respond to the many and varied spiritual needs of the Andover community. Toward that end, the Chaplaincy, led by the Director of Spiritual and Religious Life, contains representatives from the Jewish, Protestant, and Roman Catholic traditions.

Each week our religious communities gather for both worship and fellowship. Student faith associations; ACF (Christian), CSF (Roman Catholic), HSU (Hindu), JSU (Jewish), MSA (Muslim), and the Andover Interfaith Council provide opportunities for students to deepen their faith through study, discussion, and service. There continue to be opportunities to craft new programming, as student interest dictates. The most recent endeavor of this kind was the formation of the student club "CPR", an acronym for Culture, Politics, and Religion – Giving Life to Discussion. This group of believers and non-believers meets each week to discuss how these forces impact our larger world. In addition, this past year (2016-17) curriculum specific to religion and spirituality was added to our "Foundations" program, part of our newly expanded Equity, Balance, and Inclusion initiative. All of these efforts were made in the hope of better supporting and educating our student body, regardless of their particular religious or secular lens.

Similarly, the Chapel organizes services and programming for major religious holidays such as Eid, Holi, Yom Kippur, Ramadan, Divali, and Easter, as examples. We also mark our common heritage by recognizing important secular holidays such as Veterans Day, MLK Jr. Day, and Memorial Day.

Through our commitment to all traditions of faith we hope to promote both interfaith dialogue and spiritual development.

Richard T. Greener, Harvard College's first African American graduate, graduated from Phillips Academy in 1865.

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