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Faith-Based Clubs

Each of our religious communities gathers weekly for both worship and fellowship, under the guidance of the campus chaplains. Student faith associations; ACF (Christian), CSF (Roman Catholic), HSU (Hindu), JSU (Jewish), MSU (Muslim), and the Andover Interfaith Council provide opportunities for students to deepen their faith through study, discussion, and service. All of these activities are voluntary and open to all members of the community.

In addition to these clubs, there are regularly scheduled worship opportunities throughout the academic year. On Friday evenings (6:00 p.m.) each week the JSU holds a Shabbat service. A Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated each Sunday evening (6:45 p.m.), as well as a Protestant worship service (6:00 p.m.). Muslim and Hindu students gather for prayer and fellowship during the week, often times utilizing the more intimate meditation rooms in the Chapel for their meetings.

Andover Christian Fellowship (ACF)

Student Board Members: Matt Appleby, Lorenzo Conte, Jackie Higgins, Givens Parr, Jinzi Zhang
Faculty adviser: Ms. Shawn Fulford, 978-749-4847

Students from varied Protestant traditions are encouraged to join weekly discussions. Through the study of scripture and comparison of religious tradition, ACF seeks to explore the relevance and vitality of the Christian faith. The group meets regularly for singing, Bible study, fellowship, and prayer.

Andover Interfaith Council (AIC)

Student Board Members: Matt Appleby, Shelby Centofanti, Meghan Collins, Aazim Jafarey, Michael Kontaxis, Elizabeth Oppong, Givens Parr, Haritha Pula, Sarah Stevens
Faculty adviser: The Reverend Anne Gardner, 978-749-4138.

The aim of AIC is to promote interfaith dialogue. Led by board members from all of the other faith-based clubs, this group provides opportunities for spiritual development and education through panel discussions, lectures, fellowship gatherings and the like. All are welcome.

Catholic Student Fellowship (CSF)

Student Board Members: Meghan Collins, Sophia Duque, Nathan Johnson, Elizabeth Oppong, Natasha Vaz
Faculty adviser: Dr. Mary Kantor, 978-749-4137.

This group meets for fellowship and discussion each week. The Roman Catholic chaplaincy also sponsors a Sunday evening Confirmation class, held just prior to the weekly Mass.

Hindu Student Union (HSU)

Student Board Members: Janki Patel, Kishan Pater, Haritha Pula
Faculty adviser: The Reverend Anne Gardner, 978-749-4138.

Students involved in HSU, often in collaboration with the Indo-Pak Club, meet to plan Hindu festivals, to discuss topics important to the region, and to mark important religious holidays. Meetings are held each week.

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

Student Board Members: Emily Adler, Shelby Centofanti, Andrew Schlager, Sarah Stevens
Faculty adviser: Rabbi Michael Swarttz, 978-749-4131.

In addition to the weekly Shabbat gathering, JSU also sponsors one special Shabbat dinner per term, a Passover Seder and the annual Jewish Cultural Weekend during winter term. Arrangements can made for boarding students to attend High Holiday services at local Conservative, Orthodox and Reform synagogues by contacting Rabbi Swarttz.

Muslim Student Union (MSU)

Student Board Members: Aazim Jafarey, Fatima Liaqat
Faculty Advisor: The Reverend Anne Gardner, 978-749-4138.

Open to all Muslim students and to all who seek to learn more about Islam, the group gathers for prayer and fellowship. In addition, Muslim students work to inform the school community of their faith through participation in interfaith services and discussions. Students interested in observing Ramadan or celebrating traditional Muslim holidays should contact the Chapel for more details.

Phillips Academy Gospel Choir

Student Board Members: Nneka Anunkor, Ijeoma Ejiogu
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Mari Powell
Conductor: Mr. Hobart Yates

Regardless of religious backgrounds or beliefs, all members of the Phillips Academy community, as well as the outside community, are invited to join their voices in an expression of faith. The group performs several times throughout the year at both school and community events. Rehearsals are held every Thursday, from 5:00-6:00 p.m., Choir Room, Cochran Chapel.