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Jennifer K. Elliott '94

Dean of Students and Residential Life

Raj Mundra

Assistant Dean of Students

Cluster Deans

Theodore Parker, Abbot Cluster Dean
Sheena Hilton, Flagstaff Cluster Dean
David Gardner, Pine Knoll Cluster Dean
Martha Fenton West Quad North Cluster Dean
Kate Dolan, West Quad South Cluster Dean

Each cluster dean gets to know all students in his or her cluster and works with students and faculty to make the cluster a safe, healthy, and enjoyable environment in which to work and live. The cluster deans’ responsibilities include working with house counselors, day student advisors, cluster-elected officers, proctors, and prefects, as well as being an available resource for all students in the cluster. Deans grant special permissions, coordinate and chair disciplinary committee meetings, and write letters explaining faculty responses to disciplinary or academic difficulties. The dean also helps to organize cluster elections, proctor and prefect selection, social events, and the housing selection process.