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Isham Health Center

Isham Health Center provides acute and chronic medical care, comprehensive health maintenance and preventive medicine, health education, and many other health-related services for all students at Phillips Academy throughout the academic year.

Isham is open 24 hours a day while school is in session. A nurse is always available to see students. Students should try to come to Isham before or after classes or during a free period. Students should not come during a class with a test or a paper that is due, except for emergencies or significant illness. Students are encouraged to come to Isham for any illness, injury, emotional difficulty, or other health related condition that is of concern.

The school physician and the nurse practitioner are available for individual appointments. Appointments are available during office hours and the doctor is on call after hours. In addition, referrals can be made to a group of 60 consulting medical and dental specialists in the local area. Please call the health center at 978-749-4455 to make an appointment with the doctor or if you have any questions.

There are 18 beds available for students requiring overnight admission to Isham in the In-Patient Dept. located on the 2nd floor of the health center.

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