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Community Service FAQs

Is Community Service a requirement at Phillips Academy?

The Community Service Program at Philips Academy is intentionally voluntary.  Participants choose their projects and their time commitments.  To help volunteers make these choices, information is available from any of the student coordinators and community service staff. Students who are involved in other extracurricular activities must make sure those commitments will not interfere with full involvement in their community service project.  Phillips Academy students choose to participate in a range of community service projects.  Over the course of their Phillips Academy careers approximately 80% of students participate in one of over 30 programs.  Every term between 300-400 students participate in community service programs.

Since 2007, Phillips Academy has held "Non Sibi Day," a community-wide day of service.  Over 2,000 students, faculty, parents, and alumni participated in the initial event, and the next is scheduled for April 25-26, 2014!

How do I sign up to participate?

Each term students have the opportunity to sign up for community service programs.  Sign-ups take place over 2-3 days during the first week of the term.  Students can choose from a variety of projects ranging from one-time events to weekly projects.  Incoming students receive information about fall sign-ups during orientation.

I’m really busy!  How do I fit community service into my schedule?

Students have a broad range of projects and programs to choose from that vary in area of interest, time commitment, and day of the week.  Students can choose from one-time projects like the Bread and Roses Picnic or serving at the Cor Unum Meal Center, or from weekly projects that involve tutoring, mentoring, volunteering at other meal kitchens or assisting adults studying for their citizenship exams.

Athletes, musicians and students who are heavily involved in other areas of campus are often concerned about finding community service programs that don't conflict with their other activities.  We have a variety of projects that meet on weekends, evenings, or directly after school.  Students can even participate in self-scheduling programs during their free periods or lunch periods during the school day.

I have a great idea for a new project. How do I start it?

Many of Phillips Academy's community service programs started out as student-led initiatives.  If you have a new idea for a community service project that does not already exist on campus, we encourage you to establish a student organization to start your project.  Each year we evaluate new programs for inclusion in the community service program.

How can parents get involved with the program?

We welcome parent involvement and input in our program.  Parents who are interested in getting involved in our program should contact us directly to talk about specific opportunities.