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Niswarth Program

The Niswarth curriculum builds a kind of understanding that connects scholarship, experiential learning, and reflection to approach learning about real issues within communities.

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2011 Photo Essay


Andover students along with Indian peers and partner organizations are constantly exchanging ideas and perspectives, reflecting on privileges and responsibilities, and learning how to listen and to work with others. As we engage in projects ranging from education to child labor to access to clean water, we ask the following questions:

  • What does it mean “to help” both programmatically and culturally, when one is an outsider in a community?
  • How can we build on resiliency within a community?
  • What sorts of “action” are appropriate?”

Through a series of readings, inspiring speakers, field experiences and an extended project in local communities, students rely on collaboration and empathy to work though questions of diversity and complexity. Partnering with local students and communities in Mumbai, Andover students listen to local needs, assess available resources, learn about an issue from multiple perspectives, recognize personal strengths, reflect on privilege, responsibility and generosity, and learn how to turn an idea into a project and then take action.

Student Documentary

Watch Tessa Pompa's documentary about her Niswarth experience in 2008.

Abbot Academy Grant

Niswarth is made possible in part by a grant from the Abbot Academy Association. The Abbot Academy Association was founded upon the merger of Abbot Academy and Phillips Academy in 1973. Abbot Academy was the oldest incorporated school in the country for the higher education of young women. The Abbot Academy Association seeks to foster and promote the legacy and spirit of Abbot Academy on the campus and in the programs of Phillips Academy.

For more information about the Niswarth program, contact Raj Mundra.