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International Student Welcome

March 10, 2017

Dear International Student,

Congratulations on your admission to Phillips Academy! Great learning, exciting opportunities, new experiences, friendships, and fun await you in September.

International Students

As you think about coming to Andover and how you might fit in, I would like to share some information that may be of interest:

  • Andover’s current enrollment includes 114 international students who are non-U.S. citizens and 94 U.S. citizens or joint U.S. citizens living outside the United States.
  • The above students—who come from 44 countries (by residence) and hold 41 different citizenships—make up approximately 9 percent of Andover’s total student population. The Academy expects to have a similar international student population in 2017–2018.
  • A special New International Student Orientation – NISO (September 4–5, 2017), which begins a day, before domestic students arrive on campus, helps international students settle into their dorms, meet new friends, get acquainted with faculty and house counselors, find their way around campus, enjoy fun and relaxing activities, and get advice and tips about living and thriving at Andover.
  • International students are supported by World Partners (returning students) and an International Student Coordinator (Susanne Torabi), who serve as peer mentors, resources, and helping hands. I (Susanne Torabi) also match interested international students with caring local host families that have children attending Andover.
  • There are several student organizations geared to international students, including the International Club and Global Nomads Club. The latter caters to third-culture kids—those growing up outside their parents’ passport cultures. Visit our International Club Website to view photos from various international student events.
  • Phillips Academy believes in the importance of “youth from every quarter” and values its international students, who share cultural traditions, initiate conversations about cultural differences and similarities, and advance global understanding.


If you decide to enroll at Andover—and I hope that you will—a mandatory three-part document must be completed and returned by April 10 (Andover’s enrollment deadline). Upon receipt of your completed document, I will be able to issue your Form I-20 from Andover, which is needed to obtain your F-1 Student Visa.

Meet AndoverView a map that features and profiles all of the new and current international students!

I invite students and parents/guardians to e-mail me ( at any time with questions or concerns; I will respond as quickly as possible.

I also will be happy to forward your e-mail to one of these International Club members: Marieta Rojas ’18 (co-head), from England; Serena Ren ’18 (co-head), from Hong Kong; Mariam “Masho” Jmukhadze ’18 (vice president), from Republic of Georgia; Sophia Gilmour ’19 from England, Shyan Koul ’19 from Andover, MA, Jennifer Lu ’19 from Hong Kong, Manqoba Ngcobo ’19 from South Africa, Isabella Morona ’19 from Italy and Itzelt Reyes ’19 from Houston, TX (upper reps); Zhiyuan “Skylar” Xu ’20 from China and Piper Drew ’20 from Detroit, MI (lower reps).

Again, congratulations! I look forward to meeting you in September.


Susanne A. Torabi
International Student Coordinator

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Two of George Washington’s nephews were members of the class of 1795. He addressed the school during a visit in 1789.

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