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“Andover has expanded my worldview by teaching me that it is OK to be wrong sometimes.”

Mofopefoluwa - Senior Lagos, Nigeria

“One of the mottos that PA students hear repeated often is Youth From Every Quarter. My time at Andover has made me realize that this is true not just geographically but in terms of religion, identity, race, etc. I come from an ethnically diverse country, which I had assumed was a feat in terms of diversity. But my experiences here have blown that idea straight out of my mind,” says Mofopefoluwa. Arriving in Andover from Lagos, Mofopefoluwa most enjoys not only the diversity of people but also the selection of activities that life on the Hill provides. “My various interests have made me realize that I am a dabbler, of some sorts, and a very curious character.”

In her new home, Mofopefoluwa has gravitated toward the arts and is a member of the concert band and performs in dance and theatre productions. “Andover is the perfect school for me as it encourages me to try new things.” She enjoys the opportunity to interact with people who have different perspectives and credits that with helping her to understand the world around her. “Andover has expanded my worldview by teaching me that it is OK to be wrong sometimes. Through this lesson, I have developed a growth mindset, which helps me to focus less on the goal and more on the learning journey.”

Mofopefoluwa loves her native country and her family and friends in Nigeria, but says she is happiest when she is on campus. “The people, the opportunities, and the FOOD are incredible,” she says of Andover.