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“There are a lot of things I want to bring to the school.”

Marcello - Junior Brussels, Belgium

When Marcello arrived at Andover early in the fall for International Orientation, he had no idea that he would become the freshman co-president and represent his class on student council. “I wasn’t planning on running [for the position],” Marcello says. “But a friend encouraged me and after I talked to my mom and got the necessary signatures, I just went for it.”

That fluid approach to life at PA has served Marcello well in his first year. He claims he had “no time” to be homesick, citing International Club, his dorm mates and teachers for the easy transition. Marcello fit in quickly with the varsity swim team, where he specializes in the 100 and 200-yard freestyle. “The team is so close. We have dinner every night together and the upperclassmen have been great, always wanting us to get better and train harder,” says Marcello.

Marcello has also discovered Model UN and how to apply what he learns in the classroom to his clubs. “History is hands down my favorite subject,” says Marcello. “You’re not just studying dates and who people were. You’re studying their influence and how their actions changed the course of the world.”

As Marcello’s junior year comes to an end, he is looking forward to completing a project that will potentially help all students. “There are a lot of things I want to bring to the school. I have a lot of ideas,” says Marcello. “I’m working on project to digitize the way Andover students learn. We’re developing an application that will hopefully integrate all study needs for students. It’s going to take some time but I think it will be great for the school.”