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“The biggest thing that drew me to Andover were all the people from around the world.”

Devontae - Junior Metuchen, NJ

“The biggest thing that drew me to Andover were all the people from around the world,” says Devontae, a junior from New Jersey. “I came on my revisit day and I was eating in Paresky Commons with my host and his friends and I just realized that they’re normal teenagers too. I was afraid it was just geniuses and that no one has any fun. But it’s not like that at all.”

Everyone on the “friendly and gregarious” campus has been welcoming to Devontae, especially his fellow members of the Yorkies, Andover’s all male a capella group. “The Yorkies have been really inclusive,” says Devontae, who sings bass and is the only junior in the group. “They treat you as a family member because the upperclassmen remember what it’s like; someone did the same for them when they first came to campus.”

“I thought it might be scary as the only junior in the group. But class years don’t matter. We’re just fourteen guys that like to sing and hang out,” says Devontae. A definitive moment for Devontae with the Yorkies occurred during Andover’s annual student-produced talent show, Grasshopper Night. “We sang “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. It’s such a big show on campus and it felt great to perform in front of everyone,” Devontae says.

As his junior year nears its end, Devontae is already looking forward to next year. “As a lower I’ll get a little more freedom in the dorms and have a greater class selection,” says Devontae. “Just thinking about the options is the best part.”