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“At Andover, an idea can grow wings very quickly.”

Chloe - Junior Chicago, IL

In the precious time between classes, studying, violin practice, and writing for the Phillipian, Chloe nurtures her passion for fashion.

“I have always been drawn to the world of art and fashion. I love playing with patterns, shapes, textures, and colors, taking seemingly incongruous elements and mixing them up to find combinations that look seamless and natural.”

Chloe didn’t come to Andover to tackle the apparel industry, but she quickly found a group of like-minded individuals on campus, and, together, they started styling, shooting and blogging. The accomplished scholar and musician’s style blog soon amassed a cadre of readers and even got the attention of Teen Vogue, which quoted her in a recent style story.

When she’s not pursuing the fashion trends of the smart set, you’ll find Chloe playing her violin. This year, she won 2 concerto competitions in the Boston-area, something she says wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the support Andover gives it student musicians.

Chloe says Andover has not only encouraged her to pursue all her varied interests, but is teaching her crucial time management skills that allow her to do it.: “The number of hours in a day is the same for everyone; but how you manage that time and how focused you are during that time determines everything.”