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“Growing close to so many incredible people has opened my eyes to cultures that I never knew existed.”

Katherine - Upper Salem, SC

“I came to Andover from a small town in South Carolina,” says Katherine. “I was a shy and determined girl with a single passion for tennis.” After three years, Katherine is still dedicated to the sport, but it no longer defines her. “PA has inspired me to explore my every interest and provided me an environment in which striving to be better is encouraged and admired.”

Katherine lights up when talking about the various community service projects she’s gotten involved with at Andover. “ARC [a buddy program with special needs people] is really close to my heart. I also participate in Birthday Wishes where we throw birthday parties for underprivileged kids in Lawrence, and Service Saturdays where activities can vary from painting houses to working at a food bank,” says Katherine. “I also just went on an Honor Flight with my family where you travel with a WWII veteran to the memorial in Washington, D.C. It’s not something I would have done if it weren’t for Andover. I somehow want to bring the program to PA next year.”

When not taking part in a structured service activity, Katherine still caries the non sibi spirit with her. As the captain of the varsity tennis team, she is a leader and mentor to younger girls on the team. “I’ve been through everything here, so whether it’s a class or something social, I try to help as much as possible when something comes up,” says Katherine, who is being recruited to play collegiately.

Andover has been an enlightening experience for Katherine. She has discovered a love for German and hopes to focus on international studies in college. “I am beyond grateful that I have been exposed to such diversity throughout the past three years,” says Katherine. “Growing close to so many incredible people has opened my eyes to cultures that I never knew existed.”