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“Leave yourself open to the possibilities.”

Kailash - Lower Andover, MA

Kailash is originally from California, but after a family move after his junior year to the east coast, now is a day student. “One of the things that’s been so great about Andover is that you come to this campus and see all these different people of different races, different socio-economic statuses, and different backgrounds, all coming together as one to foster an intellectual environment where you can really find your own group and inspire each other to work better and with one another.”

While Kailash was originally worried about making the transition from boarder to day student, he has immersed himself into the Andover community and believes he now has the best of both worlds—a balance of educational stimulation and life at home with his family. “When I first came here, I sort of didn’t know what I liked,” Kailash says. “I then met a lot of people who inspired and taught me. Everyone is so passionate about what they’re doing that it just rubs off. I was able to realize my interests lie in social injustice and making sure everyone has equal opportunities.”

Kailash became involved with Justice Now, Andover’s anti-human trafficking club, Clutch Collaborative, a group focused on corporate social responsibility, and is on the MLK Jr. Day planning committee, where he planned a workshop to address the achievement gap and the need to ensure all socio-economical classes receive equal opportunities. Kailash has found a mentor in Dean of Community & Multicultural Development (CAMD) Linda Griffith, and when he’s not trying to right the wrongs of the world, he’s out running, specializing in long distance races for PA’s cross country and indoor/outdoor track teams.

“My goal is to become a leader on campus, to be a strong friend and get to know as many people as possible,” says Kailash. His advice for those looking to make their mark at Andover: “Be open minded. Leave yourself open to the possibilities. Come in with the mindset that you’re starting from scratch because you never know what opportunities will present themselves. And when they do, be sure to take advantage of them.”