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"Helping others is a thread that ties all her interests together."

Zahra - Senior Andover, Massachusetts

Zahra is less interested in finding her niche than in broadening her horizons. Only two years into her PA career, there’s not much she hasn’t already tried. “I do everything I’m interested in,” she says with a smile, “I can’t help that I’m interested in a lot of different things.”

Her strong academic background allows her to tutor students in a variety of subjects, while her inquisitive nature makes her a perfect candidate for innovative programs like Niswarth, which brings PA students to Mumbai, India, during the summer to study the country’s development by working with children in the city’s poorest areas.

Helping others seems to be the thread that ties all her interests together, which also include community service projects like the Center for Global Justice and planning workshops for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

“My friends think I work too much, but I just like to make good use of my time,” she says. “ For me, it’s not about how much I do, but how much I like it.”