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“When you have something you’re passionate about, that’s just the best thing in the world.”

Kory - Upper North Chelmsford, MA

As a local boarder, Kory has the best of both worlds—a close connection to his family and his independent life on campus. “I had a choice but I knew I wanted to be a boarder,” says Kory. He has embraced campus life and says that serving as a prefect in a large dorm has been a transformative experience, allowing him to develop his leadership skills and gain perspective on his own time at Andover. “I am constantly reminded of the changes that I have undergone at Andover by watching my prefectees.”

Kory extends his leadership outside of the dorm, rowing on varsity crew and as an active member of Mock Trial and STAND (PA’s human rights’ club). He’ll serve as con-president of both clubs as a senior. “I actually was signed up for Mock Trial by a friend,” recounts Kory. “Then I got an email saying I was in a trial that weekend so I better come to a club meeting. It was exactly what I was looking for. The team is so dedicated and we’ve become so tight-knit.” And this past winter the team celebrated its best finish ever as regional champs in the Mass. State Bar Association Tournament. “Sitting at the attorney’s table during a trial, I feel an unbreakable bond with my fellow team members that I know I could not obtain anywhere else,” says Kory.

His passion for Mock Trial and human rights issues has him “endlessly tied to his BBC news app” and he hopes to combine pursuits with a career as a lawyer. “When you have something you’re passionate about, that’s just the best thing in the world,” Kory says. “You wake up everyday and you’re ready to go.”