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“There’s such great school spirit here. I finally feel like I am a part of something.”

Graham - Lower Glen Ridge, NJ

“The great thing about the Andover dance program is that it’s not catered to one discipline. There’s a wide array of opportunities,” says Graham, who specializes in ballet. “I actually started dancing when I was twelve, which is late for a male dancer, but I was a gymnast before that, so those skills helped the transition.”

Back in middle school, Graham found that he was spending an “unhealthy” amount of time commuting back and forth to his various dance and theatre commitments. Now at Andover, nothing is more than a five-minute walk away and he has been exposed to even more new activities like Model UN and French Club.

“Being a male dancer has never been an issue [at Andover]. Everyone has always been extremely supportive,” Graham says. As a member of Andover Dance Group (ADG) he has performed at the student-run talent show Grasshopper Night and the annual Dance Open, where he has also choreographed. “My ballet teacher Ms. Wombwell is great. She’s very good at finding different ways to explain different movements and taking a concept in ballet and making it applicable to all other types of dance,” says Graham.

When not on stage or in the dance studio, Graham likes just hanging out with his friends and taking the occasional trip into Boston. “My best friends are from New York and California and Korea. It’s interesting to meet different people who aren’t from where I’m from. It’s a different world perspective,” says Graham. “There’s such great school spirit here. I finally feel like I am a part of something.”