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“I want to help out younger girls in the same way my prefects helped me.”

Alex - Lower James Island, SC

“My life revolves around sports,” says Alex. Practices, team dinners, raucous crowds, lifelong friendships — all of what is known as Big Blue Spirit.

Alex is an outside hitter on PA’s outstanding volleyball team and will serve as a co-captain next year in hopes of winning a third New England Championship in four years. “The team is really close,” Alex says. “We do crazy psyches before games and just have a blast together.” Alex credits older teammates and Coach Clyfe Beckwith for helping her improve as a player and grow as a person. “Coach Beckwith is fantastic. He’s so encouraging and really gets to know each player individually so that he can help us get better at our positions and as a team,” says Alex.

Along with volleyball, Alex has joined the track team where she does the triple and long jump. She’s also participated in the ARC community service program and wants to share her love of kids by getting involved with the YDO (Youth Development Organization) offerings. “My roommate is really into community service. Seeing her be passionate and excited about it makes me want to help too,” Alex says.

Dorm life has been one of Alex’s favorite aspects of life at Andover. “I love it. It’s so much fun,” says Alex. “I have such a range of girls in my dorm. Having their advice and experience on different issues is super helpful.” Alex will pay that forward by becoming a prefect next year. “I want to help out younger girls in the same way my prefects helped me.”