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"Andover might not be Hogwarts, but it is just as magical."

Wenyu - Senior Belle Mead, NJ

"Before attending Andover, I thought boarding school was something only seen in movies--like Harry Potter or She's the Man. I quickly realized that Andover might not be Hogwarts, but it is just as magical."

"I enjoy playing ultimate Frisbee and squash and I have started to juggle, thanks to coaching by my roommate. Friendships run deep here; yet I am especially grateful for the help of adults in my life. The Andover faculty is one of the most distinguished groups of intellectuals, athletes, and global citizens that I have been privileged to know. They are supportive, almost like parents, yet they respect your decision-making enough not to encroach on your independence. Independence has been the signature feature of my personal life and academic career. Andover has allowed me to further develop my talents, and it has given me the freedom to explore the vast opportunities that it offers."