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Andover Ambassador shares her unbridled enthusiasm

Tessa - Upper Nederland, CO

If you come for a tour of Andover, hopefully you’re lucky enough to get Tessa as your guide. As a head tour guide and Andover Ambassador, Tessa loves sharing her own personal stories as a way of connecting with prospective families. “Giving tours is so reassuring about who you are at Andover,” she says. “It reminds me why I love Andover, why I want to be an example here, and it give me an opportunity to talk about all the awesome things here!”

Tessa almost didn’t come to Andover. She had her sights on other schools, but Andover’s revisit day changed everything for her. Once she arrived on campus, Tessa never looked back, quickly making friends in her dorm and joining the JV soccer and lacrosse teams. “Going undefeated in soccer my first year was one of the glory moments of my life,” says Tessa. “After the season and over the summer I decided to really go for it and worked hard to make varsity the next year.” With that drive and determination, Tessa made both varsity squads where she currently thrives.

“The girls on the soccer team are so unique. Everyone has very different interests and hobbies but we all share a common love of the sport,” says Tessa. “We have a ton of team dinners and everyone is so warm and supportive.”

Tessa’s enthusiasm and variety of campus experiences make her a perfect steward for Andover. “My favorite is when people email me after a tour, then maybe approach me at revisit day or first day of orientation and say ‘you gave me my tour and made me want to come.’ Those moments are awesome!”