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“The undying support from teachers, coaches, advisors, and house counselors helps me stay focused.”

Taylor - Upper Wellesley, MA

“When I first arrived at Andover, I was terrified about making friends,” says Taylor. Those fears quickly dissolved once Taylor realized that at a boarding school, you are constantly surrounded by people. “Everyone here is truly amazing, and it is a privilege to interact with the students, faculty, and staff.”

One of Taylor’s favorite places to meet new people and to connect with friends is Paresky Commons. “It is the one place where all of us gather.” Regularly, he enjoys lunch with teachers and coaches in Upper Left. “The connections you make in Paresky extend beyond faculty and students. Junior and Miguel, the two chefs that run the stir-fry line, never fail to brighten a student’s day with their humor and positive attitude. When I leave Andover, I will remember the community, which made me fall in love with this school.”

Taylor appreciates the freedom he has at Andover—the freedom to explore new interests and undiscovered talents. “Andover encourages you to grow as a multidimensional person; you never need to limit yourself.” Along with playing three varsity sports, Taylor is a member of finance club and the Chinese club and participates in community service. “No one is ever labeled a jock or an artist or a mathematician. In fact, the jock, artist, and mathematician are usually the same person,” Taylor explains.

He’s no longer worried about being successful, fitting in, or finding his way. “The undying support from teachers, coaches, advisors, and house counselors helps me stay focused. Their confidence in the students is incredibly encouraging, and it is their support that helps me achieve my goals.”