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ISEE on Saturday, November 19th

Directions to Tests:

ALL ISEE levels and Accommodation exams will be held in Morse Hall.

(Morse Hall is located at 16 Salem Street. Enter via the Gelb science building parking lot just before the intersection of Salem Street and Highland Road.)

Test Day Instructions:

Students should arrive by 8:30am to check in. There will be a check-in desk in the lobby of Morse Hall. Student ID’s will be verified and students will be sent to their test rooms. Parents are not allowed in the testing rooms or to remain in the test building during the test.

Students can only be dismissed when the test finishes. The ISEE ends at approximately:

Lower level -11:30
Middle and Upper Level - 12:00
Extended Time – 1:00-1:30
Students may not be dismissed early.

Students should bring the following:

  • Verification Letter
  • An ID (students without an ID will not be admitted)
  • Acceptable IDs are School IDs, Driver’s License, Passports, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, School Report Card, Green Card
  • A supply of # 2 pencils and ball point pens
  • Snacks and drinks are permitted however liquids must be in a closable bottle and they can only be accessed and consumed at the break

ID’s will be returned to parents after check-in.

Students should not bring the following:

  • Cell Phones
  • Calculators (unless allowed for special accommodations.)
  • Notes, books, dictionaries, or scratch paper
  • Rulers, protractors or compass
  • Candy, gum, mints, open cups of liquid
  • PDAs, computers or portable listening devices.

The Oliver Wendell Holmes Library houses 150,000 volumes.

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