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SSATs on Saturday, January 7, 2017

Directions to Tests

Standard SSATs will be held in the Smith Center. All Special Accommodation SSATs (50% extended time, laptop, medical, calculator etc.) will be held in Bulfinch Hall.

Smith Center is located at 212 Main Street (near mile marker 144.6). Parking is available in the athletic area lot, right in front of Smith Center.

Bulfinch Hall is located just behind Smith Center. Come to Smith Center and follow signs around the walkway to Bulfinch Hall.

Standbys: Standby or walk-in registration is no longer allowed. All students must register for the test on the SSAT web site.

SSAT Test Day Instructions:

Students should arrive by 8:15 am. They will find check in desks in the “Cage” Gym adjacent to Smith Center. (Students with accommodations can follow signs and proceed directly to Bulfinch Hall.) They will be checked in and sent directly to their test rows. Proctors will double check Admission Tickets at each row and determine that student do not have any prohibited items.

Parents are not allowed into the testing room or to remain in the building during testing.

Students should bring the following:

  • Your SSAT Admission Ticket
  • Sharpened #2 pencils
  • A good eraser
  • Snacks and drinks must be in clear plastic bags

Students should not bring the following:

  • Cell phones, watches, smart watches, fit bands
  • Books, papers, pens, or rulers
  • Calculators or other electronics
  • Backpacks or bags

Students can only be dismissed when the test finishes. SSATs normally end at approximately 12:30. Students may not be dismissed early.

In case of Inclement weather please go to the SSAT.Org website for closure listings.

In 2012, Andover embarked on a campus-wide initiative known as "Connected Learning."

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