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Cars on Campus

Licensed day students may drive to school with parental permission. Any vehicle(s) driven to campus must display a blue student registration sticker issued by Public Safety. Students must park their cars, motorcycles or mopeds only in special parking areas (not on adjacent public streets) designated by the dean of students and residential life and Public Safety, e.g., the parking lot behind the athletic complex, between the tennis courts and the football field. Students may not use these parked vehicles again until 3 p.m., when they may relocate them closer to the center of campus. Day-student drivers may obtain a parking registration sticker at the Public Safety Department, located in Phillips Hall, between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays, or by calling Public Safety at 978-749-4444 during the business day for an appointment. Any day student who parks a motor vehicle on campus not displaying a proper PA registration sticker will be subject to ticketing and disciplinary action. Also, day students who, at any time, transport boarding students who do not have verifiable "car permission" from a faculty member will be subject to disciplinary action.