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Last Name, First Name Phone Email Title Department/Office
Conroy, Susan M. 978-749-4316 Email » Administrative Assistant, Stewardship Office of Academy Resources
Coote, Marvin A. 978-749-4150 Email » Associate Director, College Counseling College Counseling
Corcoran, Mary 978-749-4524 Email » Administrative Assistant, Office of Alumni Engagement Office of Academy Resources
Cordy, Kevin J. 978-749-4565 Email » Classroom and Multimedia Specialist Office of Information Technology
Corey, Leonard E. 978-749-4506 Email » Associate Comptroller, Capital and Financial Accounting Comptroller's Office
Cormier, Stephanie A. 978-749-4174; 978-749-4095; 978-749-4851 Email » Student Program Coordinator; Coach; House Counselor, Day Hall Dean of Students Office; Athletics; Dean of Students Office
Cote, George A. 978-749-4333 Email » Manager, Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Office of Physical Plant
Cote, Lauren 978-749-4314 Email » Associate Director, Development Research Office of Academy Resources
Craven, Veronica 978-749-4158 Email » Office Manager/Administrative Assistant, College Counseling Office College Counseling
Crespo Schleicher, Maria J. 978-749-4200; 978-749-4200 Email » Administrative Assistant, World Languages; Administrative Assistant, Learning in the World Program World Languages; Andover Institute of Technolog
Crivelli, Elaine 978-749-4077 Email » Instructor, Art; Complementary House Counselor, Eaton Cottage Art; Dean of Students Office
Croce, Susan I. 978-749-4598, x2319 Email » Dorm Inspector Public Safety Department
Cross, Shaun 978-684-7200 Email » Rink Operator Ice Rink Operations
Croteau, Jolene J. 978-749-4406 Email » Administrative Assistant, Summer Session Summer Session
Crouse, Michael J. 978-749-4563 Email » Manager, Polk-Lillard Center and Audio Visual Office of Information Technology
Crowell, Christopher R. 978-749-4598, x2314 Email » Senior Officer, Public Safety Public Safety Department
Crowley, Maureen 978-749-4483 Email » Program Assistant, Academic Skills Center Academic Skills Center
Cruz Walma, Nathaniel J. 978-749-4080 Email » Lifeguard Athletics
Cruz, Ramona 978-749-4632 Email » Day Custodian Office of Physical Plant
Csigay, Stefan L. 978-749-4679 Email » Capital Project Manager Office of Physical Plant
Cueto-Potts, Monique E. 978-749-4140 Email » Director, Community Engagement; Complementary House Counselor, Burtt House Community Service; Dean of Students Office
Curci, Stephanie E. 978-749-4185; 978-749-4187 Email » Instructor, English; Chair, English; House Counselor, Abbot Stevens West English; English; Dean of Students Office
Curley, Grace E. 978-749-4281 Email » Director of Gift Planning Office of Academy Resources
Curtis, Derek 978-749-4230 Email » Programming and Digital Content Producer Oliver W. Holmes Library
Cutler, Mark A. 978-749-4200 Email » Instructor, Spanish; House Counselor, Fuess House South Spanish; Dean of Students Office
Dalton, Megan 978-749-4471 Email » Office Coordinator, Wellness Center Sykes Wellness Center
Dalton, Shawn M. 978-749-4339 Email » Groundsperson 3 Office of Physical Plant
Damore, Sara 978-749-4373 Email » Instructor, Biology; Complementary House Counselor, Smith House Biology; Dean of Students Office
Dascoli, Celeste 978-749-4722 Email » Manager of Access Services Oliver W. Holmes Library
Davey, Amanda 978-749-4455 Email » Registered Nurse Sykes Wellness Center
Davis, Elizabeth B. 978-749-4327 Email » Associate Director, Facilities and Capital Projects Office of Physical Plant
Davis, Judith M. 978-749-4305 Email » Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement for Reunions and Events Office of Academy Resources
Davis, Ruth 978-749-4328 Email » Records Clerk/CAD Drafter Office of Physical Plant
Davison, Patricia B. 978-749-4365 Email » Director, Academic Skills Center and Coordinator of Student Disability Resources Academic Skills Center
De Francesco, Danny 978-749-4318 Email » Facilities Maintenance Worker Office of Physical Plant
Delany, Shannon 978-749-4216 Email » Coordinator, Alumni Engagement Office of Academy Resources
Dennehy, Gary R. 978-749-4332 Email » Lead, Mechanical Office of Physical Plant
D'Errico, Margaret R. 978-749-4637 Email » Purchasing Assistant Office of Physical Plant
Dickey, Leslie 4297 Email » Major Gift Officer Office of Academy Resources
Difo, Marisol 978-749-4343 Email » Night Custodian Office of Physical Plant
DiGennaro, Robin A. 978-749-4632 Email » Day Custodian Office of Physical Plant
Dignard, Peter N. 978-749-4259 Email » Assistant Director, Admission; House Counselor, Foxcroft Hall Admission; Dean of Students Office
Dillman, Kenneth J. 978-749-4318 Email » Facilities Maintenance Worker Office of Physical Plant
Dinelli, David 978-749-4605 Email » Senior Systems Administrator Office of Information Technology
DiTroia, Sharon L. 978-749-4598, x2319 Email » Dorm Inspector Public Safety Department
DiZazzo, Steven J. 978-749-4348 Email » Environmental Health and Safety Specialist Office of Physical Plant
DoBa, Khiem 978-749-4240 Email » Instructor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science; House Counselor, Rockwell House North Math, Stats & Computer Science; Dean of Students Office
Doheny, Marcelle A. 978-749-4222 Email » Instructor, History and Social Science History & Social Science
Dolan, Kathryn A. 978-749-4552; 978-749-4080 Email » Cluster Dean, West Quad South; Instructor, Athletics ; House Counselor, Thompson House Dean of Students Office; Athletics; Dean of Students Office
Dolan, Melissa J. 978-749-4002 Email » Executive Assistant to the Head of School Head of School Office
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