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Last Name, First Name Phone Email Title Department/Office
Palfrey, John G. 978-749-4002 Email » Head of School Head of School Office
Parker, Sara Email » House Counselor, Stowe House Dean of Students Office
Parker, Theodore R. 978-749-4557; 978-749-4222 Email » Cluster Dean, Abbot; Instructor, History and Social Science Dean of Students Office; History & Social Science
Parsons, Beth 978-749-4523 Email » Associate Director for Museums and Educational Outreach Office of Academy Resources
Patel, Amy 978-749-4455 Email » Medical Director; Codirector of Wellness Education Sykes Wellness Center; Sykes Wellness Center
Paulson, Megan 978-749-4222 Email » Instructor, History and Social Science; House Counselor, Adams Hall South History & Social Science; Dean of Students Office
Pawelczak, Connie B. 978-749-4529 Email » Associate Director, Gift Planning Office of Academy Resources
Pei, Sharon X. 978-749-4228 Email » Instructional Librarian and Global Educator Oliver W. Holmes Library
Pelletier, John M. 978-749-4598, x2319 Email » Dorm Inspector Public Safety Department
Perelman, Abigail S. 978-749-4222 Email » Teaching Fellow, History; House Counselor, Paul Revere Hall History & Social Science; Dean of Students Office
Pereyra, Aldonsa 978-749-4510 Email » Receptionist and Accounts Payable Clerk Comptroller's Office
Perry, Anthony J. 978-749-4200 Email » Instructor, Spanish; House Counselor, America House Spanish; Dean of Students Office
Perry, Kenneth 978-749-4343 Email » Night Custodian Office of Physical Plant
Perry, Robert F. 978-749-4230 Email » Library Proctor Oliver W. Holmes Library
Phillips, Kara 978-749-4015 Email » Security Manager, Addison Gallery Addison Gallery
Pickering, Debra J. 978-749-4200; 978-749-4200 Email » Instructor, French ; Chair, French; House Counselor, Clement House French; French; Dean of Students Office
Pimentel, Ann M. 978-749-4504 Email » Bursar and Accounts Receivable Supervisor Comptroller's Office
Pinet, Nicole M. 978-749-4602 Email » Technology Office Coordinator Office of Information Technology
Pita, Noemy 978-749-4003 Email » Administrative Assistant, Dean of Faculty Dean of Faculty Office
Plante, Everett V. 978-749-4334 Email » Facilities Maintenance Worker Office of Physical Plant
Poland, Elizabeth R. 978-749-4200 Email » Adjunct Instructor, French French
Polewaczyk, Richard T. 978-749-4598, x2319 Email » Dorm Inspector Public Safety Department
Poloma, Asabe W. 978-749-4114 Email » Executive Director, IRT Inst. for Recruit. of Teachers
Pontuso, Christine M. 978-749-4455 Email » Registered Nurse Sykes Wellness Center
Poulin, Melanie M. 978-749-4373 Email » Biology Lab Assistant Science
Power, Larissa D. 978-749-4696 Email » Coordinator, Research and Operations Office of Academy Resources
Powers, Julie S. 978-749-4030 Email » Administrative Assistant, Dean of Studies Dean of Studies Office
Prescott, Kurt 978-749-4136 Email » Instructor, Philosophy and Religious Studies Philosophy & Religious Studies
Price, Alton 978-749-4130 Email » Fellow, Chaplaincy Chaplaincy
Prince, Erika 978-749-4222; 978-749-4803 Email » Teaching Fellow, History; House Counselor, Paul Revere Hall History & Social Science; Dean of Students Office
Puleo, Kenneth A. 978-749-4475 Email » Art Director Communication