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Last Name, First Name Phone Email Title Department/Office
Kane, Thomas H. 978-749-4185 Email » Instructor, English English
Kantor, Mary T. 978-749-4137 Email » Roman Catholic Chaplain Chaplaincy
Kapaldo, Jonathan D. 978-749-4299 Email » Visual Designer/Developer Communication
Kaplowitz, Jamie L. 978-749-4037 Email » Manager of Curriculum Initiatives Addison Gallery
Kashanek, Nancy A. 978-749-4580 Email » Senior Tea Host Dean of Students Office
Keator, Gerrit M. 802-379-8393 Email » Principal Gift Officer Office of Academy Resources
Kelman, Rafael 978-749-4072 Email » Instructor, Art; Complementary House Counselor, Carriage House Art; Dean of Students Office
Kemmerer, Allison N. 978-749-4026 Email » Curator, Addison Gallery Addison Gallery
Kemp, Catherine J. 978-749-4373 Email » Instructor, Biology; House Counselor, Nathan Hale House East Biology; Dean of Students Office
Kennedy, Karen A. 978-749-4080; 978-749-4094 Email » Instructor, Athletics ; Scheduling Officer, Athletics; Complementary House Counselor, Newman House Athletics; Athletics; Dean of Students Office
Kennedy, Virginia S. 978-749-4056 Email » Coordinator of Special Projects Admission
Kent, William G. 978-749-4532 Email » Mover Office of Physical Plant
Khactu, Adrian N. 978-749-4185 Email » Instructor, English; Leave of Absence English; Dean of Faculty Office
Khomkhai, Narissara 978-749-4247 Email » Assistant Director, Gift Services and Reporting Office of Academy Resources
Kiberd, Richard W. 978-749-4024 Email » Addison Security Officer Addison Gallery
Kinney, Sarah E. 978-749-4150 Email » Administrative Assistant, College Counseling Office College Counseling
Kip, Agatha G. 978-749-4472 Email » Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian Sykes Wellness Medical
Kip, Nicholas V. 978-749-4802 Email » Instructor, Classics Classics
Klinkov, Ariana K. 978-749-4095 Email » Coach Athletics
Knudson, Karin 978-749-4240; 978-749-4242 Email » Instructor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science; Chair, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science; House Counselor, Double Brick Math, Stats & Computer Science; Math, Stats & Computer Science; Dean of Students Office
Kodis, Anthony J. 978-749-4088 Email » Athletic Equipment Manager Athletics
Kost, Donald R. 978-749-4240 Email » Instructor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science; Complementary House Counselor, Bishop Hall Math, Stats & Computer Science; Dean of Students Office
Kramer, Sharon G. 978-749-4507 Email » Associate Comptroller, Operational Accounting Comptroller's Office
Kuta, Michael J. 978-749-4085 Email » Head Athletic Trainer and Instructor, Athletics; Complementary House Counselor, Samaritan House Athletics; Dean of Students Office