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Last Name, First Name Phone Email Title Department/Office
Gallagher, Dawn E. 978-749-4503 Email » Manager, Accounting and Technology Comptroller's Office
Gallou, Claire L. 978-749-4200 Email » Instructor, French ; Sabbatical, Full Year French; Dean of Faculty Office
Gardner, Anne E. 978-749-4138; 978-749-4138 Email » Protestant Chaplain ; Director of Spiritual and Religious Life; House Counselor, Abbot Stevens Center Chaplaincy; Chaplaincy; Dean of Students Office
Gardner, David C. 978-749-4551; 978-749-4185 Email » Cluster Dean, Pine Knoll; Instructor, English Dean of Students Office; English
Gariepy, John-Michael 978-749-4024 Email » Addison Security Officer Addison Gallery
Gates, Irene 978-749-4490 Email » Archivist, Peabody Museum Robert S. Peabody Museum
George, Elizabeth J. 978-749-4148 Email » Staff Assistant, Abbott Academy Association Abbot
Gerakaris, Andrea Prescott 978-749-4426 Email » Manager, Admission and Financial Aid Business Processes Admission
Gesing, Anna L. 978-749-4023 Email » Administrative Assistant/Museum Shop Supervisor Addison Gallery
Getchell, Stephen M. 978-749-4095 Email » Coach Athletics
Giard, Andrew 978-749-4339 Email » Groundsperson 3 Office of Physical Plant
Giard, Jason 978-749-4604 Email » Technical Support Specialist Office of Information Technology
Gillis, Stacy L. 978-749-4275 Email » Associate Director, Parent Development Office of Academy Resources
Gilman, Jordan S. 978-749-4699 Email » Coordinator, Gift Planning Office of Academy Resources
Giuffrida, Richard 978-749-4598, x2319 Email » Dorm Inspector Public Safety Department
Glantz, Kirsten A. 646-274-1767 Email » Chief Investment Officer Investment Office
Godo-Solo, Leislie 978-749-4113 Email » Education Programs Specialist Inst. for Recruit. of Teachers
Golas, Catherine J. 978-749-4464 Email » Administrative Director Sykes Wellness Medical
Goldthwaite, Mona K. Email » Physics Assistant Physics
Golini, Tracey E. 978-749-4370 Email » Instructor, Physics; Complementary House Counselor, Eaton Cottage Physics; Dean of Students Office
Gonzalez, Antonio G. 978-749-4343 Email » Night Custodian Office of Physical Plant
Gonzalez, Kevin D. 978-749-4200 Email » Teaching Fellow, French; House Counselor, Foxcroft Hall French; Dean of Students Office
Gorham, Richard B. 978-749-4095; 978-749-4987 Email » Coach; House Counselor, Andover Cottage Athletics; Dean of Students Office
Goss, Emily 978-749-4230 Email » Children's and Access Services Librarian Oliver W. Holmes Library
Goycochea, Solene Email » Portfolio Analyst Investment Office
Graber, Kevin E. 978-749-4052 Email » Senior Associate Director of Admission; Complementary House Counselor, Foxcroft Hall Admission; Dean of Students Office
Gravelle, Jeffrey 978-749-4349 Email » Environmental Health and Safety Specialist Office of Physical Plant
Gray, Diamond Email » Teaching Fellow, Art; House Counselor, Paul Revere Hall Art; Dean of Students Office
Gray, Matthew W. 978-684-7217 Email » Operations Manager, Ice Rink Ice Rink Operations
Gray, Sherri A. 978-749-4560 Email » Electronic Imaging/AV Assistant Office of Information Technology
Green, Richard 978-749-4324 Email » Power Plant Engineer Office of Physical Plant
Greenberg, Ellen M. 978-749-4240 Email » Instructor, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Math, Stats & Computer Science
Grenier, Michael J. 978-749-4095 Email » Coach Athletics
Griebel, Leon C. 978-749-4338 Email » Mechanic Office of Physical Plant
Griesbach, Diane L. 978-749-4460 Email » Director of Clinical Services Sykes Wellness Medical
Griffith, Linda C. 4009 Email » Assistant Head of School for Equity, Inclusion and Wellness Head of School Office
Grimm, Allen R. 978-749-4429 Email » Instructor, Theatre and Dance; House Counselor, Flagg House Theatre & Dance; Dean of Students Office
Guerette, Allison 978-749-4633 Email » Campus Sustainability Coordinator Office of Physical Plant
Guerrero, Brigido 978-749-4632 Email » Day Custodian Office of Physical Plant
Guerrero, Dariana D. 978-749-4185 Email » Teaching Fellow, English; House Counselor, Isham Dorm English; Dean of Students Office