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Learning Opportunities for 2017-2018

Phillips Academy is the only secondary school in the nation that can count an archaeology museum among its resources. Because of this, the Robert S. Peabody Museum is proud to offer a unique selection of outstanding summer expeditionary learning projects for both Phillips Academy and public high school students.

The foundation for our students' education lies in the classroom, but our philosophy is that experiential learning is the most effective and enjoyable way to build knowledge. Lectures and books cannot substitute for exploring ruins firsthand, being immersed in vibrant and diverse cultures, or personally excavating artifacts that have been untouched for centuries.

Each summer students can choose to explore the ancient and modern Puebloan culture of the American Southwest on the Pecos Pathways Program, trek through jungle-shrouded Maya ruins with the B.A.L.A.M. Project. Each program offers students countless opportunities for personal growth; in fact participants often proclaim that their experience changed their lives.

Photos: Above -- Lindsay Randall shares some of the Museum’s collections with students. Below -- Donny Slater speaking to a class in the Peabody’s library.

Video: The Peabody's Educational Mission

The Language Learning Center was the first all-digital language laboratory in the country, allowing students to tackle interactive world language assignments.

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