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Advisory Committee


Daniel H. Sandweiss, PhD '75; Professor of Anthropology and Quaternary & Climate Studies, University of Maine, Orono


Elizabeth Artz Beim '58, P'88; museum professional
Benjamin Burke ’11
Marcelle A. Doheny, Instructor in History and Social Science, Phillips Academy
Barbara Callahan, Secretary
Meg Conkey, PhD, Professor Emerita of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley; Executive Director, Center for Digital Archaeology
Jenny Elkus ’92
Jeremiah C. Hagler, PhD P'16, Instructor and Chair in Biology, Phillips Academy
Katherine Hall ’17, student representative
Peter T. Hetzler, MD FACS '72
Heather Dunbar Lucas '88, Vice Chair
Bruno D.V. Marino, PhD '73
Tristin Moone '10
Kuni S. Schmertzler P'05, '07
Donny Slater, PhD, Instructor in History and Social Science, Phillips Academy
Abigail Seldin '05
Margot Steiner ’17, student representative
Agnes Hsu-Tang, PhD, Adjunct Associate Research Scholar, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University

Emeriti Members

Marshall P. Cloyd '58, P'88, '95, '03
Rebecca M. Sykes P'92, '97, '01
James B. Richardson III, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh; Curator Emeritus, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
David Hurst Thomas, PhD, Curator, North American Archaeology, American Museum of Natural History

Ex officio Members

Thom P. Lockerby, Secretary of the Academy, PA
Patricia C. Russell, Dean of Studies, PA
Ryan J. Wheeler, PhD, Director, Robert S. Peabody Museum

Most instructors live on campus and serve as dormitory counselors, academic advisors, and/or coaches.

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