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The Museum Shop at the Addison

The shop at the Addison offers a diverse selection of artisan-crafted jewelry, blown glass, ceramics, handbags, and more, often inspired by our shows and made just for us. The shop also features catalogues and publications relating to our collection as well as our exhibitions, and a line of Addison-inspired apparel, mugs, cards, and tote bags.

Friends of the Addison receive a 10% discount on all merchandise.


New Items for Revolution of the Eye: Modern Art and the Birth of American Television!

Check out the fun new merchandise added to complement Revolution of the Eye: key chains featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, Gumby, and Felix the Cat; Winky Dink and You notebooks; postcards and magnets and more!


For additional information:
phone: 978.749.4015

See examples of items currently available in the Museum Shop on our Pinterest board.