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Ship Models

The Addison Gallery's famed model ship collection, permanently installed in the building's lower level, consists of 24 works commissioned by the museum's founder, Thomas Cochran, to document four centuries of American history. Each model was created at a scale of 1/4 inch to 1 foot, enabling viewers to understand at a glance how American sailing ships evolved over the centuries. The inclusion of the ship models in the Addison's collection is an example of Cochran's commitment to presenting American art in the broadest sense, highlighting the skill of the artisan as well as the talent of the artist in American cultural history.


Models of American Sailing Ships

Santa Maria (c. 1480)


Mayflower (c. 1600)


Half Moon (c.1600)


Hannah (c. 1770)


Providence (c. 1770)


Enterprise (1799)


America (1803)


Monk (1805)


Clermont (1807)


James Madison (c. 1808)


Illinois (1818)


Ann McKim (1833)



Charles W. Morgan (1841)


Victorine (1848)


America (1851)


Flying Cloud (1851)


Dreadnaught (1853)


Young America (1853)


Thatcher Magoun (1856)


Lottie Warren (1863)


Puritan (1885)


Corsair (1899)


Savannah (1901)


Columbia (1923)