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Phillips Academy Giving

Teacher and student

Faculty and Academic Programs

  • Recruit, retain, and develop the next generation of great teachers
  • Model global responsibility as a hallmark of an Andover education
  • Foster excellence and innovation in the curriculum
  • Reach out to the broader world of education with targeted programs and services

The Academy’s 206 instructors average 20 years of teaching experience. But their strengths go far beyond these kinds of numbers. Above all, they are passionately committed to opening up young minds and preparing Andover’s students for lives of leadership and service.

With a multifaceted approach to teaching, the faculty provide a breadth and depth to the curriculum. Today, we are building on that ambitious curriculum to strengthen its connection with global learning, leadership, and service.

Andover also is committed to serving boarder constituencies, especially within the regional and national educational community through PALS, (MS)2, IRT, and ABL.

“The world is changing incredibly quickly, and simply keeping up with your own discipline is becoming harder and harder. But beyond that, we’re trying to help our faculty think across disciplines so they can help our students think the same way. And that’s a key part of the global learning effort: having our faculty and students connect the dots in unconventional ways.”

Peter Merrill
Interim director of the Global Initiatives Office, instructor in Russian