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Phillips Academy Giving


Andover Fund and the Endowment

General Support

Steward Andover’s financial and physical assets and protect the legacy of an Andover education

Andover Fund

The Andover Fund plays a significant role in every aspect of an Andover education. Providing more than 10 percent of the annual operating budget, the Andover Fund helps sustain need-blind admission, pay faculty salaries, underwrite instructorships and sabbaticals, and provide funds for research and course development. It modernizes and renews our technology base and defrays the cost of maintaining and upgrading our buildings and grounds.

Effective annual giving depends upon high participation rates. In recent years, alumni have supported the Andover Fund at rates of just under 40 percent, which do not compare favorably with our peer schools.

The Campaign for Andover seeks to increase the annual participation rate among Andover alumni to more than 45 percent.

Learn about the specific areas that your Andover Fund gift supports.

Unrestricted Endowment

Academic institutions need an endowment to succeed and excel for centuries, as Andover has. Especially during difficult economic times an endowment provides the opportunity for innovation. Income from the Academy’s endowment supports 37 percent of the annual operating budget.

As of June 30, 2010, Andover’s endowment was $704 million. Although the endowment may seem “large” in absolute terms, the Academy also has a relatively large student population—1,100 students—in contrast to a nationwide average boarding-school enrollment of 297 students. Therefore Andover has fewer endowment dollars per student than many of its peer schools. This is complicated by the fact that Andover is located in a relatively high-cost metropolitan area and maintains a relatively large campus and physical plant. In effect, Andover’s endowment needs to work harder than many others—and does.