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Phillips Academy Giving

Support Andover’s Top Priorities

Phillips Academy has a rich history, full of distinctive values that shape our vibrant today and inform our aspirations for the future. Philanthropy is an integral part of this history and, of course, of our future. We ask for your help in perpetuating this philanthropic tradition of forward-looking strength.

  • Andover Fund & Parent Fund

    A gift to the Andover Fund, Parent Fund, or Grandparent Fund provides Phillips Academy with critically needed flexible resources. Covering 10 percent of the annual budget, these funds support the Academy’s ongoing priorities.

  • Need-Blind Admission

    Thanks to the generosity of donors, Andover is the only private secondary boarding school in the U.S. that has maintained a full need-blind admission policy since 2008. Supporting the Academy's constitution—which charges the school to educate youth from every quarter—this policy allows Andover to admit students regardless of their families’ ability to pay the tuition.

  • Faculty & Programs

    Andover’s faculty is committed to opening up young minds and preparing students for lives of leadership and service. To help support the faculty, consider a gift to any of the following areas: CAMD, community service, faculty development, the Tang Institute, and teaching.

  • Museums

    The Addison Gallery of American Art and the Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology are integral to learning at Andover. Both provide innumerable opportunities for students to have hands-on experiences without leaving the campus.

  • Outreach & Summer Session

    Andover's Summer Session and Outreach programs (ABL, IRT, (MS)2, and PALS) serve students beyond those enrolled in the academic year. A private school with a public purpose, PA is committed to working with broader constituencies through these important programs in the tradition of non sibi and supporting youth from every quarter.

  • Academy Priorities

    Each year, Andover examines its most pressing priorities and designates funds to those areas. In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, along with other needs, the Academy seeks gifts toward: the Snyder Center; Andover and the Military; campus renewal; Chase House; environmental citizenship; Summer Session; and technology.