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Phillips Academy Giving

Paul ’61 and Marnie Kalkstein, P’88, ’90, ’94

Paul and Marnie Kalkstein

Triple Threat

Teacher, coach, dorm counselor: the triple threat is an enduring tradition at Andover. Yet few have demonstrated the level of commitment to each role as energetically and capably as Paul Kalkstein ’61, P’88, ’90, ’94. For 36 years, Paul served PA as an innovative English teacher, being among the first to harness the power of technology in the classroom. He was a highly successful coach of boys’ varsity basketball and lacrosse, and also served as director of athletics in the 1980s. And along with wife Marnie, Paul’s life in the dorms extended well beyond the typical eight years to more than 24. The reason for such dedication? Students were indisputably at the center of Paul’s experience. “So many of them were eager and optimistic, and they intimate a brighter future for all of us,” he says.

There’s another facet to Paul’s connection to PA: donor. He has been an unflagging supporter of PA for years. “Marnie and I are appreciative that Andover gave us a wonderful life on campus. Our three children, Bart ’88, Molly ’90, and Emily ’94, received first-rate educations at Andover, and each of them gratefully supports the school today.”

In his 50th Reunion year, Paul took a further meaningful step in support of his alma mater. “In recognition of all that Andover has meant to the Kalksteins and in anticipation of all it will mean to others, we decided to make a gift of a charitable annuity,” he says. “The tax and income benefits are so substantial that Marnie and I chose to increase the size of our gift—and our annuity will keep us in touch with the school as the years roll by.”