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Phillips Academy Giving

Gift Planning Committee

Andover’s gift planning committee consists of 22 alumni and parents whose purpose is to:

  • Encourage support of Andover through gift planning arrangements
  • Help provide recognition to those who are in the Samuel Phillips & Sarah Abbot Society
  • Advise the gift planning office regarding policy matters

There is an increasing focus on promoting gifts from peers as part of the Drive to 1,000 initiative to build membership in the Samuel Phillips & Sarah Abbot Society. The committee functions as an ad hoc advisory group.

Alfred A. Blum Jr. '62, GP'15
Megan E. Carroll '85
John W. Castle ’51, P’85
Leslie Cheek III ’59, P’86
John A. Floyd ’83
Rodney L. Goldstein ’70, P’05, ’12
David A. Gutzke '77
Shelly D. Guyer ’78
Bruce G. Hearey '68, P'93
Charles Hirschler ’72, P'13, Vice Chair
Hugh R. Kelleher ’69
Tristin Batchelder Mannion ’82
Roger D. McLean ’48
Nancy S.  Milton, P’87, ’90
Robert C. Milton Jr., P’87, ’90
John L. Morrison '63
Edward V. Nef ’51
Richard J. Phelps ’46, P'73, '89, GP'14
Eric Redman ’66
William C. Scott III ’52, Chair
Mary Ann Milias St. Peter, P’02