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Phillips Academy Giving

Additional Gift Plans

You may also benefit from other charitable plans that offer significant tax benefits:

Charitable Lead Trust

A lead trust allows you to provide a stream of income to Andover for a term of years, following which trust assets, including any appreciation, are returned to you or passed to your heirs. In the latter case, you can significantly reduce the transfer tax on the gift to your heirs.

Note: The current low government interest rate environment makes some lead trusts particularly tax efficient given the high charitable gift tax deductions they generate.

Retained Life Estate

You may give a residence to Andover while retaining the right for you and/or a spouse to live in the house for life. You receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction for your ultimate gift to Andover and effectively remove the property from your estate. Furthermore, a gift in the form of a retained life estate does not prevent you from relocating at a later point.

Note: The current low interest rate environment also makes retained life estate arrangements particularly appealing as they also prompt a larger income tax deduction when rates are low.