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Keynote Speakers

Fernando Reimers

Fernando Reimers is the Ford Foundation Professor of International Education, and the Director of the International Education Policy Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. Fernando focuses his research and teaching on identifying education policies that support teachers in helping low-income and marginalized children succeed academically. His current research in Brazil and Mexico focuses on the impact of education policy, education leadership and teacher professional development on literacy competencies and civic skills. He is also evaluating a cross-national project to foster democratic citizenship skills and civic education in Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Paraguay.

Fernando is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, a Fellow of the International Academy of Education, Chair of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Education and Member of the Middle East and North Africa Advisory Group of the World Economic Forum as well as a member of the United States National Commission for UNESCO. He is currently serving on the Global Learning Leadership Council of the American Association of Colleges and Universities Project "General Education for a Global Century" focusing on some of the pressing issues related to global learning and undergraduate education. In 2011 he will be chairing a Think Tank on Global Education, designed for teachers, principals and education leaders interested in strengthening global education in K-12 schools.

Sherman Teichman

Sherman Teichman is the founding Executive Director of the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University. Institute programs include: Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship (EPIIC), a rigorous interdisciplinary program for analysis of global issues and active citizenship, now celebrating its 25th Anniversary; the interdisciplinary Synaptics Scholars research and leadership program; ALLIES - Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services, a national civil - military program with the military academies of the United States, and Empower, an international poverty alleviation and social entrepreneurship program linked to the Clinton Global Initiative, and [EXPOSURE], a photojournalism, documentary studies and human rights initiative.

A lecturer in the arts and social sciences at Tufts since 1984, Sherman was a former fellow and lecturer at the Institute of Politics, the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and a faculty member at Boston University and Emerson College. As a journalist, he was a Peabody Award-winning foreign policy analyst for National Public Radio, WBUR, in Boston and a social science editor of the Boston Review. An adviser on counter terrorism and long-range strategic planning for the Israeli government, Sherman was also active with Amnesty International in the former Soviet Union and Central America. He was educated at the United States Naval Academy, The Johns Hopkins University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Chicago's Committees on International Relations and Social Thought.

John Gilmour

John Gilmour is the founder of the LEAP Science and Math Schools in South Africa, and has been involved in community development and education for over 20 years. A former private school principal, John founded the first LEAP School to serve the Cape Town township of Langa over six years ago. Tired of devoting time and energy to outreach endeavors that had minimal impact on student outcomes, John decided to attack the problem systemically by engaging whole communities in change, and subsequently founded LEAP. LEAP`s vision is to transform disadvantaged communities in South Africa through mathematics- and science-focused education initiatives. LEAP partners with specific communities and provides children from these communities with the opportunity to gain access to tertiary study opportunities, be successful in their chosen career path and develop as socially responsible citizens of South Africa.

From its original service base in Langa, LEAP has grown rapidly and now comprises four independent low-fee paying schools serving the communities of Langa and Gugulethu in Cape Town and Alexandra and Diepsloot in Johannesburg, the LEAP Teacher Training Programme, the LEAP Learning Centre, and the LEAP Community Support & Social Development Programme. The schools are hotbeds of educational innovation, and have been applauded for their small class sizes, strong sense of community and personal accountability, and positive outcomes as evidenced by of increased test scores and college matriculations.