​​What: The Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) houses all academic and athletic courses, as well as several collaborative work spaces for campus committees.
Why: Canvas allows teachers and students to: 
• create rich content and units with a WYSIWYG editor
• incorporate audio and video into discussions, announcements, content and assignment feedback
• collaborate on internal wiki pages
• curate assignments in ePortfolios​
• connect seamlessly to external apps such as Quizlet, Google DocsDiigoBig Blue Button and dozens more.
Access: Log into the PAnet homepage​ and click the Canvas link in the upper right section. Under the “Courses” drop-down menu, teachers will see the courses they are teaching, plus the Canvas tutorial course called “Welcome to Canvas”.
Help: The Academy’s Welcome to Canvas tutorial course, in which all faculty and instructional staff have been enrolled as students, includes many kinds of resources for learning basic and advanced features within Canvas, including:

To search the Canvas online help documentation, visit the online Canvas Community to use the search bar or peruse the instructor’s guide.

To discuss pedagogical considerations related to using a LMS, contact Erin McCloskey at / x4603

Examples: Andover teachers talk about how they are using Canvas to promote problem-solving, collaboration, and responsibility for learning:



 Borrowing Equipment

Students and teachers can borrow equipment for school-related assignments, projects and events. This equipment includes:
  • Video cameras
  • Still (digital) cameras
  • Tripods
  • Voice recorders
  • Skype kit (e.g., for inviting a remote guest to visit a class)
  • Portable speaker for music
  • Projectors & screens
  • Mac laptop adaptors​

Teachers planning end-of term assignments should know that all equipment is due back to the PLC by the Monday of the Extended Period week each term, after which the borrower will be assessed a late fee.

Contact the PLC (Polk-Lillard Center) for more information - x4560 


 Classroom Tech


Check out the equipment that is already in your classroom here:



​​​What: PAnet is the Academy’s main portal, through which all faculty, staff and students access the pathways to their academic courses, sports, club information and email. Faculty also use PAnet to access and submit student reports; participate in the student alert system; link to information from various offices on campus; download and complete forms; and perform many other functions. The Academy is currently undergoing a transition away from Blackboard, the content management system that houses PAnet. Late 2016 will see the launch of a new gateway platform to replace PAnet.

Access: Enter your Academy credentials at, and look for the tabs across the top to direct you to relevant sections. Canvas and Email are accessed from the top right corner.​
Help: x4357 or

​​What: All students, faculty and staff have free access to, a library of professional-grade video tutorials for learning just about every software under the sun, plus professional skills for business environments, the arts, and education. Unlike many video tutorials, videos include captioning, speed controls, bookmarking, transcripts and a notetaking feature.
Why: can support students’ learning of relevant technology skills for their classes by removing much of the burden of software instruction from the instructor.’s instruction is high quality and modular, such that each student can find and learn the specific skills that s/he needs in an efficient manner. Students can learn at different paces and to meet more personalized learning needs.
Some useful video tutorials for Andover’s academic departments may include:
Access: First, create an account following these steps: 

1. Log into PAnet (

2. Select the Community tab. 

3. On the right-hand side of the page find the Mediaspace & module. Select the link.

4. In the next window select “No, I’ve never had an account.” 

5. You are now registered to use!

For future visits log into through the Community tab of PAnet​ to be automatically logged in.​


Help: For an overview of how works, check out this video​.

To talk through how to incorporate into your teaching, contact Erin McCloskey at / x4603.

To learn how to create a playlist for your students, and for technical assistance, contact the PLC x4560.

To hear about uses of here on campus, check out these videos:





​​Example: Listen to English instructor​ Adrian Khactu describes how he teaches with video from MediaSpace in English 300, The Stories of Literature.​​

What: MediaSpace is Andover’s version of YouTube, allowing us to support teachers’ use and management of audio and video for their academic classes, as well as to host videos of performances, presentations, and campus events.
Why: Showing videos through MediaSpace offers several advantages. It allows the Academy to comply more easily with principles of fair use. Also, it allows us to capture access data.  Finally, it integrates with the Canvas LMS, allowing for a more coherent experience for students.
Access: Access MediaSpace from the Community tab of PAnet​.
Help: Teachers should bring DVDs or audio/video files to the Polk-Lillard Center-PLC (located above Kemper Auditorium) or the PACC (located in the basement of the OWHL) for transfer to MediaSpace. Overall, students’ experience with MediaSpace has been very positive. Glitches do happen, however, often when the wireless network is experiencing heavy use. Here are some tips you can use and share with students for addressing issues with MediaSpace playback: ​
    • Refresh the page.
    • ​View the video in a different browser.
    • If possible, watch on a different device, in a different part of your dorm or campus, or during a different time of day.
    • If possible, plug into the network (requires an Ethernet/network cable); much more bandwidth is available through the wired network than through the wireless.
    • If plugging in is not possible, bring headphones and watch on the computers in the Polk Center or the PACC lobby.
    • ​Finally, for persistent problems, complete this form so that we can address the problem.




    The MS Office download for personally-owned Mac or PC computers is now available for purchase ($9.95 plus tax) to any faculty or staff members that need to use MS Office for Academy-related work at home:

    Phillips Academy faculty and staff may also now purchase Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Lightroom, Acrobat Pro, InDesign, Premiere, and more, for $9.75 per year, plus tax:
    • Go to
    •  You will be brought into the site as a “student”. Click the “Faculty/Staff tab to get the discounted rate.




    Joining a Webex Meeting:

    1. Click on the link from the email.

    2. Enter the name you would like to be displayed

    3. You may be prompted to install software or an extension to your web browser.  Allow the software to install to continue.  If using a Mac, you will be prompted to Trust the Webex plugin. 

    4. When the Webex application launches select the Meeting Info tab at the top of the window.  This tab provides the call in information for the session, including phone numbers, Meeting Number and Access ID.

    5. When you call in you will be prompted for the Meeting Number followed by your unique Access ID.  By entering the Access ID, the system will bind your phone responses to the name you logged in with. 

    For international numbers, please use the following:

    Hong Kong toll free


    Hong Kong toll            

    852 5808 1924

    UK toll free                 


    UK toll                         



    Please remember to mute your phone line if you are not speaking. 

    For general assistance and guidance on hosting a WebEx meeting, please contact Kevin Cordy​ at the PLC.





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