Email, Passwords and Account Management

  • How do I configure my Andover email on my device? 
  • How do I change my password?
    • On the password management page, choose “Change my password” and follow the prompts.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Make sure you reset your password on all devices at the same time to avoid lockout.

  • How can I manage my own password and lockout status?

    Creating a password profile gives you the ability to deal with account lock-outs and password issues yourself, which is especially useful should you have trouble after hours. To create a password profile, go to the password management page, choose "Edit my profile" and follow the prompts.

  • How can I reset my password, if I mistakenly get locked out?
    If you have set-up a profile with hints using the Edit my profile option . . .
  • Help! I didn’t complete a password profile and I have forgotten my password!  
    • Call the Help Desk (x4357).

  • How do I clear cookies from my browser? 
    If you can't get into a system that you typically do have access to (Instructor Reports, Student Alerts, etc.), and you are sure it's not a password issue, then cookies may be the culprit. Cookies are tiny bits of data stored by your browser to remember your login information, site preferences and things of that nature. To clear cookies from your browser, choose from below:

Wireless Network        



  • How do I add printers and print from my Mac?
    Follow the step-by-step instructions on this documentNote that the list of printer names is on the last page. 
  • How do I add printers and print from my school-owned Windows computer?
    School-owned PCs should already load printers when you log in, so no additional action is necessary. If you are having trouble printing, contact the Help Desk at x4357 or​.
  • How do I add printers and print from my personally-owned Windows computer?
    Follow the step-by-step instructions on this document​Note that the list of printer names is on the last page. ​​

Classroom Tech Equipment

  • What tech equipment is in my classroom?
    Most classrooms include the ability to project a laptop, either through a projector or an AppleTV.  For information about tech in specific buildings, go to this interactive map and mouse over the buildings for more information. For information about other meeting spaces on campus (Kemper Auditorium, conference rooms, etc.), consult this Campus Meeting Spaces document, also on the Faculty/Staff tab of PAnet.  ​
  • What tech-friendly classrooms can I reserve?
    In the People and Spaces section​, click the "Reservable Spaces" tab ​to see instructions for requesting your preferred room.
  • What equipment can my students or I borrow?
    In the Resources section​, click the "Borrowing Equipment" tab ​for more information.
  • When is borrowed equipment due back to the PLC?
    Borrowed equipment is due back the Monday during Extended Period Week.

Projectors/Apple TV

  • How do I adjust the display settings when projecting from my computer?
    • Find display settings instructions on this document.
  •  How do I connect and troubleshoot Apple TV projection?
    • Find connection instructions on the first page and troubleshooting steps on the second page of this document.​

  • How do I mirror my device to Apple TV (Mac & iPad)?
  • How do I mirror my device to Apple TV (PC)?


  • How can I use Canvas to best support my pedagogy?
    • The answer to that depends largely on your goals, approach, and subject matter. Erin can help you think through the pedagogical considerations and suggest some ideas.  Contact her at / x4603.
  • MediaSpace videos are displaying with low quality or interruptions. What should I do?
    Here are some tips that you can use and share with students for addressing issues with MediaSpace playback: 
    • Refresh the page.
    • ​View the video in a different browser.
    • If possible, watch on a different device, in a different part of your dorm or campus, or during a different time of day.
    • If possible, plug into the network (requires an Ethernet/network cable); much more bandwidth is available through the wired network than through the wireless.
    • If plugging in is not possible, bring headphones and watch on the computers in the Polk Center or the PACC lobby.

  • How should I use in my classroom?
    To start, visit the tab of the "Resources" section and check out the suggested uses by department. Watch the videos for ideas, or talk with Erin​ to develop an effective approach.