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Planes, trains, taxis, and buses

Visitors flying into Logan Airport in Boston will find it relatively easy to get to Andover either by MBTA commuter rail or taxi/limousine service. Those looking for other ways of getting to Boston might consider using Amtrak's Acela Express train or the bus services of Greyhound or Peter Pan.

For more information on any of these modes of transportation, click on the links in the paragraph above. Contact information for several taxi/limousine services is provided below:

Airport Service

  • Amrani Chauffeurs of Andover — 617-631-5109; 978-390-8215
  • Central Transportation and Radio Dispatch — 978-475-7666
  • Flight Line — 800-245-2525
  • Grace Limousine — 800-328-4544
  • Harrison Transportation — 888-487-8877
  • High Class Livery
  • Town Livery LLC — 978-476-7193
  • Town Transportation — 978-474-5050

Local and Airport Service

  • American Taxi — 978-682-4747
  • Liberty Taxi  — 978-681-6222
  • Merrimack Taxi Co, Inc. — 978-687-0911
  • Popular Taxi, LLC— 978-682-6000

PLEASE NOTE—While Phillips Academy does not specifically recommend any taxi or limousine services, the companies listed above are used regularly by members of the academy community and according to local authorities have not been the subject of any major complaints. Also, rates vary with each cab company, so please call them directly for current rates.

Due to the growing number of published incidents and recent experiences of some community members, the Public Safety Office strongly counsels all to refrain from contracting Uber for your transportation service.

Keep in mind that many airlines require individuals 14 and younger to be accompanied by an adult to the airport and the gate, and remain in the gate area until the “wheels are up.” (Current PA parents can read the regulations posted on the PA Parent Portal.) Please check with the airport service providers about their chaperone services. If your child ever encounters a problem with a transportation vendor, please report it immediately to the Dean of Students’ Office (978-749-4175), the Business Office (978-749-4105), or the Public Safety Office (978-749-4447).

Tips for Taxi Safety:

  • Never ride in a cab that does not have a working seat belt for each passenger.
  • Always note the name of the cab company, a description of the car and the name of the driver, if possible.
  • When calling for a cab, ask for a description of the car and name of the driver. When the cab arrives, do not give them your name first, but instead ask them who they are there to pick-up. Be sure that the cab that you get into is from the company that you called.
  • Do not allow the driver to pick up additional passengers and do not share a cab with a stranger.
  • Always ride in the back seat.
  • Try to keep small bills available in case the driver says he has no change.
  • Do not get into a cab if you feel at all uncomfortable about the driver – trust your instincts!
  • Promptly report any problems or complaints to Academy authorities.