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Trans-Atlantic Kin

Start Date: October 17 6:00 PM
This event is open to the public

A Comparative Study of the Socio-Politics of African Americans and Spanish Gitanos during the post-Civil Rights and post-Francoist Eras

Throughout history, the plights of two ethnic minorities have closely and uniquely mirrored each other. African Americans in the United States and the Roma, or Gitanos, of Spain are both visible minorities with half-millennium histories in their respective countries, yet they are clustered in homogeneous urban communities, woefully underrepresented in politics, and plagued by poverty, health-care disparities, and educational inequity.

Devontae Freeland ’15 embarks on a comparative cultural study of each group’s socio-political integration. Taking into account their histories of oppression as well as the current initiatives to further their integration, Freeland places particular focus on obstacles encountered and growth made by African Ameri-cans during the post-Civil Rights era (1968–present) and Spanish Gitanos during the post-Franco era (1975–present), two periods of rapid advancement.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session and a screening of excerpts from the documentaries Black in America and Gitano. Free and open to the public.

Faculty Advisor: LaShonda Long, Instructor in English