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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Come back win versus the Boars

At home on October 10, 2015 at 2:45 PM

Andover (6-1) hosted the Choate Boars (4-3) to take a come-back victory in drint of fans with lots of Fatfaces. Parents surprised the Andover team with large face pictures of the team. Down 3-10 in the fifth, Erica Shin and Fran Trautmann served to a win,

In the first set finally pulls away at 17-11 (Annette Bell serving) then 21-12 (Evelyn Mesler serving) to take the lead 1-0 on some hard, hard hits. The second set was tied at 10, tied at 16, when Choate strung together 6 straight service loints, which was enough to tie the match 25-20, 1-1. Andover made too many mistakes, and were testing the strength of their coach's heart - hair is long gone. In the third set the teams played even 6-6, 9-9, 14-14, 22-22, 23-23 when Choate edged ahead to take. 2-1 lead. Going into 4th it was Andover playing now playing to win, rather than not to lose. Andover went ahead 11-7, but let Choate back in to 12-13. The teams traded side-outs to 15-15 when Janneke Evans stepped to the service line and rattled off 5 consecutive service points to help for e a fifth set. Oh boy, now Andover played again not to lose and went down 0-6, and 3-10. Erica Shin served 5 bombs that rattled Choate. Fran Trautmann served two after a side-out to tie it at 12-12. Choate took the advantage on a side-out leading 13-12. Andover blocked their hit and Annette Bell served two to seal the match. Erica Shin and Annette Bell continue to lead this team by their example, and were it not for them stepping up today the result would have been different. Fran Trautmann kept finding holes in the block for sure kills or forced errors. Janneke Evans may one day strip the leather off the ball with her hits. Good luck to Choate in their season and a speedy recovery to their ankle-injured starting middle Thanks to PA parents and fans whose energy gave us that needed boost today, timely.