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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Halloween scare;PA defeats DA

At Deerfield on October 31, 2015 at 3:45 PM

Andover must have drunk too much of the witches brew, all flames and bubble one moment and nothing but failed spells the next. Tiffany Baumann gets the nod for MVP of the match for her serves that brought us back.

Andover had the lead the whole way in the first set. Deerfield made a come-back at the end from 21-15 to 21-20, but a key PA side-out sealed the first set. Andover took an early and steady lead in the second set, leading 10-5 but let Deerfield tie it at 14. Six consecutive side-outs and a service point by PA makes the score 19-17, but then DA's libero vexed PA with her unconventional serve to give DA the advantage 22-19, which they held for a 25-1 win and 1-1 tie. In the third set Andover could do nothing wrong. Annette Bell served PA ahead from 0-1 to 8-1 and Tiffany extended that lead from 14-4 to 23-4. Andover clinched it 25-5. The fourth set was the hardest fought by both teams. DA took an early 12-6 lead, mostly on PA errors in serve-receive. Tiffany Baumann served Andover back into contention no only down 11-12. Deerfield kept surging ahead fending off any Andover momentum, leading 20-17, 21-19. Two side-outs and a service point each lets Andover tie the set 21-21, but Deerfield checked that to take a 23-21 lead. Andover returned the favor to tie it 23-23. Deerfield had a set-point at their fingertips to force a fifth set, but Andover sided-out and guess who -Tiffany Baumann, served out the match. We might as well have played in costumes 😄 Andover (11-1) prepares to host SPS on Wednesday, Governors on Friday and travel to Milton on Saturday.