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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Andover 1-Loomis 3

At Loomis on September 20, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Congratulations to Loomis, 100th birthday, and a well-played win today.

In the first set Andover came out slow, but were able to defend well. Down 6-10, Erica Shin put two service points together to bring Andover within one at 9-10.  With Alex Becker as our next server the team finally strung together 4 service points to put Andover ahead 14-12.  Loomis kept even, tit for tat, and went up 22-21, though Andover forced a side-out and Erica Shin served us to a 23-22 lead.  Loomis tied the set twice thereafter and went up 25-24 when Nette Bell, who again set a great match, closed the first set 27-25 with two winning serves.

In the second set, with the energy in the gym carrying over from the first close set, the two teams were relatively close through the first complete rotation, Andover edging Loomis 12-7. After that the glue on the floor kept Andover's feet immobilized; Loomis's server #6 served nine consecutive points (!) for a Loomis 20-14 lead.  That was the turning point of the match. Loomis ties it up one set a-piece.

In the third set Andover had the lead at 5-4 for one rotation, every other moment was Loomis's.  Andover had a total of six service points, the other 12 were side-outs. Loomis took the second set decisively with good defense and unrelenting pressure; though Andover had great individual plays occasionally Loomis earned that win with more consistent team play.

The fourth set was a disaster from the get-go for Andover, down 2-11 within three rotations.  Loomis increased that lead to 23-9. Though a good showing of four consecutive service points by Alex Becker, Loomis closed out the match with a well-deserved W.

Andover's stats leaders:
Nette Bell 9 service points, 37 assists
Alex Becker 10 kills, 32 of 39 hits. Fran 9 kills, 30 of 32 hits.
Evelyn Mesler 5 of 5 blocks. Isabel Taylor 3 stuffs, blocking 4 of 6.
Erica Shin 44 of 55 ups.

Andover (2-1) hosts Saint Paul's for their season-opener on Tuesday.