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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Andover 3 - SPS 0

At home on September 23, 2014 at 4:00 PM

The Andover team (3-1 in league; 6-1 including scrimmages) hosted the Saint Paul's (3-1) team for the home match of two competitions during the regular season.

Andover played a very strong match starting from the get-go when Alex Becker stepped to the service line after giving PA a 6-0 lead and setting the tone for the  whole match.  Andover's defense picked up the harder hits and stretched to pick up the off-speed hits and tips allowing SPS to gain no momentum, limiting them to 3 service points only in the first set for a 25-11 and 1-0 lead.
Switching sides and a couple of side-outs, Isabel Taylor served 4 consecutive points, followed by Eden Livingston two rotations later serving 8 straight.  As usual, Nette Bell set a great match evenly distributing the sets the range of our offense, three at the net and two back row.
In the third set Tiffany Bauman, Darcy Bauman and Janneke Evans took a turn on the court.  Isabel Taylor again served 6 straight serves, Erica Shin finished the game/match with 6 of her own.

I think it's fair to say that today everything worked in our favor: serving, blocking, bumping, setting and attacking - it all flowed better than we practiced.

Andover hosts Northfield Mount Hermon on Saturday 9.27 for the first of two regular season matches.

Many thanks to the fans who cheered us on, the managers who keep the book and video.  Although too often not mentioned, Coach Svec deserves a lot of credit for his enthusiasm and energy day-in and day-out.

Today's stats leaders:
Nette Bell 16 assists
Alex Becker 6 kills on 15 of 15 hits; Fran Trautman 4 kills on 13 of 13 hits.
Isabel Taylor 6 aces on 14 of 15 serves; Alex Becker 4 aces on 16 of 17 serves; Eden Livingston 3 aces on 10 of 12 serves
Isabel Taylor 1 stuff blocking 5 of 8; Evelyn Mesler blocking 2 of 4
Erica Shin digging 20 of 21