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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Andover 3 - NMH 0

At home on September 27, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Andover (4-1) hosted NMH (2-3) at the Memorial gym today - an astoundingly beautiful fall day with comfortable temperatures and vibrant leaf colors.

The first set quickly favored Andover on good serves and quick defensive plays to set up quick counterattacks.  Nette Bell started the scoring with her two service points, followed by Isabel's 2 line drives;  it was again Eden Livingston who racked up 6 consecutive service points to give Andover a 15-5 lead. Darcy Burnham, subbing in after Alex Becker served us to 18-6, served the team ahead to 21-6. The first set felt good all around for Andover - a varied attack, good ups, great set distribution, good serving ... and best of all, good communication on the court.

The second set was an even back-and-forth with NMH until 10-10; only after a full rotation did Andover find it's first set groove and pulled ahead on Alex Becker's 3 service points.  Then Nette Bell added 4 of her own and Fran Trautman finished off the second set with her 4 consecutive service points.  Most notable in this set was a diving play to Erica's right when dove and saved a hard hit ball punching it up for a quick shoot-set by Nette to Alex who pounded it down for a kill.

In the third set, Tiffany Bauman, Darcy Burnham, Janneke Evans, Sydney Baumgardt, and Claudia Leopold held steady despite giving NMH a 4-10, 6-12, 8-14 advantage.  NMH made some spectacular saves and scored well-deserved points; poor communication, or perhaps responses dulled by coming in off the bench were our prime culprit.  Then Darcy Burnham got her team going serving 5 straight service point taking Andover from 17-18 to 22-18.  Although NMH gathered some momentum scoring 3 points Andover sided out for a 23-20 lead and Sydney Baumgardt served out the match.

It was a match in which Andover repeated it's good, smart, and passionate play from our Tuesday's match against SPS.  Many thanks to NMH for making the trip - we shall see them again at their house in 3 weeks.  Andover now has a full week to prepare for a match against Choate in Wallingford on Sunday Oct. 5th.  Thanks to all the fans (who cheered moderately - come on, it's a fun game), parents; athletic staff and officials.  Special nod to managers who show up on time as well assistant coach Svec who keeps me in line.

Stats for the day:
Nette Bell 21 assists - serving 11 of 11; Tiffany Bauman 6 assists
Alex Becker 14 kills hitting 18 of 20;Fran Trautman 4 kills hitting 13of 16
Darcy Burnham 5 aces serving 10 of 11
Erica Shin 29 of 33 ups.