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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Andover 3 - Dana Hall 0

At home on October 11, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Andover (6-2) hosted Dana Hall on what started as a dreary, cold, rainy day when we walked into the gym and a cooler but sunny afternoon as we exited. 

In the first set Nette Bell took the side-out and served 6 straight to put Andover up 7-0 and set the tone for the match.  Andover's starters took a 12-1 lead when PA's bench took to the court and finished the set at 25-8.  The second set saw Dana Hall taking a 7-5 lead when Fran Trautman served 6 straight for an Andover 13-7 advantage.  Thereafter Andover kept the lead, extended it to 9 points three times before switching sides for the final time at 25-17.  In the third set Dana Hall's hitters and servers started putting more oomph on the ball; that as well as a different line-up for Andover and communication issues combined for a 6-point lead for Dana Hall at 14-8, at 21-15, at 22-16.  Nette Bell ended the match the same way she started it and served it out with 6 straight serving points for a 25-23, 3-0 Andover victory.

Andover prepares next to travel to Exeter for the first of two regular season matches.

Extending appreciation and thanks to Kenny, to Jose, to Dennis, to Tony and the myriad of staff who help us maintain a clean functioning court as well as uniforms, and the athletics office who schedule matches (Karen) and hire referees (Lisa).  Thanks to the managers for video and keeping book.  Most of all thanks to the loyal fans who come support us so regularly.

Today's stats leaders:
Fran Trautman 6 kills hitting 9 for 10; Alex Becker 6 kills hitting18 for 21.
Nette Bell for 7 aces, serving 17 for 17.
Eden Livingston 2 stuffs blocking 3 for 3.
Darcy Burnham digging 11 for 11, and Janneke Evans digging 11 of 12.