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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Andover tops Hoggers

At NMH on September 30, 2017 at 4:15 PM

With line-ups still changing as injured players are slowly returning, and gaining confidence in play, starters today finally found rhythm and strength in their swings. A strong NMH team fought hard and pushed Andover to play better.

The scores reflect how close it was. Andover had to come from behind and fend off two set points to take the first set. In the third set, Andover was ahead 23-20 bit lost the side-out and the next three points; now at 23-24 Andover fended off the set point to 24-24. NMH sided-out for 24-25. Again Andover fought back to 25-25, but NMH prevailed with haed swings to 25-27. Top service point scorers today: Brooke Fleming 16 Serena Liu 15 A much needed spirit booster for Andover squad with exceptional volleyball today. Spectacular offense and spectacular defense on both sides of the net. Kudos to NMH, players and coach. Thank you to parents who traveled farther than the team did. We really benefit from the support. Andover (3-2) prepares to host Choate next weekend.