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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Andover 1 - Exeter 3

At Exeter on October 15, 2014 at 3:15 PM

WOW! I can't remember seeing a team get such a head of steam rolling as Exeter did today in sets 1 and 2.  WOW! Andover (6-3) did not play poorly; Exeter (9-1), at home, executed FANTASTICALLY - great serving, super sets, and absolutely beautiful finishes.  My hat off to Coach Shang and his team for an outstanding match today.  That said, we are eager to get a rematch and enjoy great volleyball again in 3 weeks.

In the first set Andover took a 5-1 lead but were completely flummoxed by two back-to-back servers, first 7 then 11 consecutive points, aided by teammates with the consistently strongest hits from left, right, and middle that I have seen in years (decades? ever?).  Wow! Down 7-21 Andover found some momentum and inched to close the gap and swapped end at 14-25.
The second set proved almost as daunting; Andover went down 1-8 in just two rotations but then held Exeter to no service points on the next four. At 11-9, Exeter widened the gap and though both sides slowed each other down effectively.  Exeter did not relinquish the lead and went ahead 25-17, 2-0.
The third set was almost a mirror of the second set, but this time in favor of Andover, forcing a 4th set.
The fourth set saw the lead bounce back and forth, a crack in the Exeter armor.  Andover went ahead 5-3, but then succumbed to yet another Exeter barrage of 12 consecutive service points.  These streaks were good serving, more so than that though, absolutely stunning team support defending the right to keep the serve.  Exeter now ahead 2-1 and 16-5 in the fourth looked very comfortable.  Andover chipped away at it to 14-23; Fran Trautman served Andover to within 20-23, the next two rotations gave a glimmer of hope bringing the set to 22-24 at which point Exeter ripped a back row attack from center to the one spot.  A fitting way for Exeter to close out the match.

GREAT volleyball, a tad one-sided.  Thanks to our fans who assured at least three Andover bodies in the appreciative and vocally supportive home crowd.  Thanks to our manager for keeping book, to asst. coach Svec as well as the whole athletic building team who schedule games/referees, arrange transportation, and keep our court in good shape.

Andover prepares for an away game at NMH this Saturday, then a week to prepare for back-to-back matches against Milton (Friday) and Deerfield (Saturday) on Family weekend.

Today's stats leaders:
Alex Becker 14 kills, hitting 37 of 47
Isabel Taylor 3 aces serving 7 of 10;  blocking 9 of 10.
Nette Bell 27 assists, serving 13 of 14
Erica Shin digging 37 of 44; Fran Trautman digging 30 of 36.

congrats to Janneke Evans and Darcy Burnham for superb off-the-bench appearances.